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Spotify is basically a platform for publishing the podcasts. In Spotify, you can find music of any type. Irrespective of the type of music you like, every thing is available on Spotify. The present article on, Best Spotify Podcasts of 2017 | Must Follow & Share is our compilation on various kinds of Podcasts popular on Spotify.

It is an extremely user convenient platform. You can make a collection of music of your taste. Besides that, it is also possible for a user to browse through music collection of your friends. You will surely love using it.

At a Glance: Our Top choices for Best Spotify Podcasts

Blind Spot: A Look at the Unplayed Songs on Spotify is a podcast about various songs on Spotify that failed to gain a proper recognition. They play one song at a time and take the listeners in its depth.

While the Peta Pixel Photography Podcast is one of few photography related podcasts on Spotify. In the official podcast, you will find discussion about photography and related skills.

For clearing the various doubts about making a music career and for providing the audience with proper insights. Playlisters Podcast is not a usual podcast, it is a Fluff free zone.

Best Spotify Podcasts – Our top 10 Picks

Here are our top 10 picks for Best Spotify Podcasts. Go through them and know about each of them in brief. These podcasts will surely give you a pleasant experience while listening to them.

1. Blind Spot: A Look at the Unplayed Songs on Spotify

Blind Spot A Look at the Unplayed Songs on Spotify

Genre: Music

What it’s all about

Blind Spot podcast is all about the music with which many people are unknown. A team of the podcast takes a lot of burden for finding such songs. Started way back in 2015, they have continuously provided the audience with a unique content that has made listeners stick to them.

Apart from that, they are having a good platform like Spotify, that continuously supports them for publishing their content in a proper manner. In this way, their content goes viral easily.

You too will become a fan of it as soon as you will start listening to it.

About the Makers: Blind Spot: A Look at the Unplayed Songs on Spotify is a start up from a group of friends, Matt McCroskey, Brody McKeegan and Matt McCroskey. They started it a way back in 2015.

Quote from the Podcast

The official website of the Blind Spot welcomes the users,

“Hello, all!
If you can see this, that means you found our website and maybe you’re interested in our podcast. “Podcast??” you may ask. We have a podcast about songs that have zero plays on Spotify, but our episodes aren’t ready yet. More to come soon!”

Suitable for: We would suggest the Blind Spot: A Look at the Unplayed Songs on Spotify for the users who are interested in listening to the not so popular music. If you are kind of music lover, who can listen to any type of music then this is the podcast for you.

List of Episodes: The official website of the Blind Sport features only two episodes. While rest of the songs of the podcast are available on Spotify. The two episodes are:

  1. Ladies Please
  2. Gem from Jazz Saxophonist Daivd Sanchez

What all have to say

People who listen to the Blind Spot love the songs that they cover in the Podcast. These are the songs those are pretty much tough to find. The team is laying a lot of efforts for providing the users with a unique content. In this way, they have built an audience base that will stay with them for a long time.

2. Backspin – En podcast

Backspin - En podcast

Genre: Hip Hop, Old School

What it’s all about

Backspin Podcast follows its own unique concept. It is a platform for discussing music. For discussion, they invite various well known personalities of the music industry. These stakeholders discuss music, share their views and opinions. Moreover, the host Niclas Buskenström knows what kind of content engages the audience. Thus, he provides the same to them.

Each of the episodes of the Backspin Podcast is 30 to 40 minutes long. Users stick to their earphones while listening to it. Since its launch in 2016, it has become extremely popular among the music lovers.

You too would love listening to it.

About the Makers: Niclas Buskenström is the host for the Backspin Podcast. Spotify handles the distribution as well as marketing aspects of the podcast. You will also find occasional guests from the music field discussing the about the present conditions in the music industry. Their main aim is to enhance the quality of music.

Quote from the Podcast quotes about the Backspin Podcast on their website,

“Niclas Buskenström meets more or less famous Swedish DJs and talk about the profession, challenges and career choice. Focus on people and technology, and not so much music.”

Suitable for: If you are interested in discussing the problems existing in the current music systems as well as in DJs and Soundcloud. This is a podcast you must subscribe to. You will surely love listening to it if you are a true music lover.

List of Episodes: As of now, there are 31 Episodes of Backspin – En podcast available on air. Out of them, the top 5 Episodes are:

  1. Introduction to Backspin Exclusive
  2. Kalle Josephson
  3. Roger Strandberg
  4. Magnus Parnebring
  5. Jonny Johansson

What all have to say

The fans of Backspin – En podcast loves it to a greater extent. In the podcast, one can find the discussion regarding improving the standard music. Thus, any kind of music lover will get attracted to it.

3. Peta Pixel Photography Podcast

Peta Pixel Photography Podcast

Genre: Photography

What it’s all about

Out of the few, Peta Pixel Photography Podcast is among those podcast which are only dedicated to photography. It is a heaven for the photography enthusiasts for learning key skills about photography. They teach you things like, identifying a photograph in a proper manner, introduction of new technology as well as effective tools and their application for getting a good photograph.

You will also find review of new cameras and their in depth performance check on the podcast for knowing that whether you must buy it or not. The host of the podcast, Mike Sharky James has a witty behaviour that helps in enhancing the engagement of listeners in the podcast.

You must subscribe to the podcast, if you want to learn and enhance your photography skills. Mike James is a photography expert and he will make you too a photography expert.

About the Makers: Mark ‘Sharky’ James is the host of the Peta Pixel Photography Podcast. He is a well known news photographer. With his enormous efforts in photography, he was won many awards too. This proves his expertise in the field of photography. As well as his witty nature is enough for keeping the users engaged with the podcast.

Quote from the Podcast

You can find the wittiness of Mike ‘Sharky’ James from his following tweet. Even his podcast is full of humor with his such witty dialogues.

Suitable for: We would suggest the Peta Pixel Photography Podcast to the photography enthusiats. The people who are a lot interested in photography will get to learn many things while listening to the podcast. If you are a big fan of photography, this is the podcast you must go for.

List of Episodes: As of now, there are more than 195 Episodes of Peta Pixel Photography Podcast on air right now. From them, the top 5 Episodes are:

  1. More Gear Than You Can Shake A Stick At
  2. Shut your hole
  3. Does Sony Have Designs on Going Medium Format?
  4. Did Kodak Make a Point in a Mean Way?
  5. Sony Intros the a9 Sports Body…but Where’s the Long Glass?

What all have to say

People who listen to this podcast find it pretty much informative. They love when Mark teaches them some photography skills and everything else. However, since last some time they are teaching less and advertising more. As a result, there is a downhill in the number of people listening to the podcast. They have to lay some more efforts and need to feature some more productive content for gaining their support back.

4. Audible Discernment

Audible Discernment

Genre: Music, Talk Show, Interview

What it’s all about

The musically driven podcast, Audible Discernment is having not songs, but a lot of things to talk with regards to music. In the podcast, you will find the hosts discussing the music and its various aspects. You can also find your favorite musicians in the podcast (In case the hosts have sufficient amount of donation.)

However, they don’t play music while the podcast is running. Instead of that, at the end of podcast, they provide a list of good tracks that you must listen. You can also find Robbie discussing his personal life.

It is a kind of podcast and you will have a good attachment with them for sure.

About the Makers: Audible Discernment – A Podcast is a start up of three friends Robbie, Trey and Jason. Robbie talks about his family stories too while the podcast is running. Their chemistry is extremely better and they present the content before the listeners in a proper manner.

Quote from the Podcast

Well, this is how Audible Discernment communicates with the listeners. Isn’t that amusing? 

“The boys are back! Casting their first votes of 2017, talking about new music coming in 2017, Robbie stereotypes Millennials, Trey survived a tornado and then gained a pick-up truck, and Jason got a baby. Yeah…this one was a little late getting out. Be back shortly in February!”

Suitable for: Audible Discernment is a podcast specially made for the people who are interested in talking about music. Remember the gossips you have with your friends regarding any song or musician? If you are the person who loves having such gossips, this is the podcast you must go for.

List of Episodes: Out of the 30 Episodes available of Audible Discernment on air, the best 5 episodes are:

  1. Take Me To The Pilot
  2. Hurts So Good, Hurts So Bad
  3. An Interview With Corey Flegel
  4. Are The Good Times Really Over?
  5. The Sounds of the South in Your Mouth (and Ears)

What all have to say

Audible Discernment is a pretty much popular podcast among the music lovers. People love listening to it. They love the kind of content they feature in the podcast. The conversation among the hosts Jason, Robbie and Trey is quite pleasing.

5. Static Podcasts – Static and distortion

Static Podcasts – Static and distortion

Genre: Hip Hop, Talk Show

What it’s all about

Static Podcasts – Static and distortion is basically a Talk Show. In the podcast, the hosts discuss and talk about different types of music. Their negative sides, their positive sides and what really should be done. In this manner, they wish to bring the best type of content to the audience.

They talk in a natural manner which gives a feeling of attachment across the mind of listeners. You can also get to listen to some beautiful tracks while the podcast is running.

It is a podcast you would surely love listening to.

About the Makers: John, Chris and Robert are the hosts of the Static Podcasts – Static and distortion. They are sole music lovers. Their main aim for the podcast is creating a platform for discussing music and to bring best to the listeners.

Quote from the Podcast

The hosts of Static Podcasts – Static and distortion Podcast describes their episodes as,

“Each of us enjoy different types of music, but we all love music the same way. If we are circles on a Venn diagram, The Static Podcast is the part where we overlap. We take turns suggesting artists or topics to discuss, then we dig into the research. (Or, we wing it.) We record weekly from The Static and Distortion Headquarters. Thanks for listening to our show.”

Suitable for: For the people who love researching about the various aspects of music and to have its in depth knowledge, Static Podcasts – Static and distortion is a podcast that makes you to all this. If this is your interest, you must stick to the podcast.

List of Episodes: There are more than 4 seasons of Static Podcasts – Static and distortion

  1. Rolling Stone magazine sucks!
  2. Do Make Say Think
  3. Check out these bands!
  4. The Career of Jenny Lewis
  5. Kanye West – The College Dropout 10 year Retrospective

What all have to say

People love the Static Podcasts – Static and distortion. The best part about the podcast is its easy to use application. The listeners of the podcast find it extremely convenient listening to it through the app. As well as the kind of content that they feature in the podcast is also interesting.

6. Discover Weakly

Discover Weakly

Genre: Music

What it’s all about

Discover Weakly is all about music and discussion regarding it. The hosts Chella Negro and Leighton Peterson are also from the music field, so they are able to give in depth solutions with regards to music. You will get one episode of the podcast every week.

Although it is new in the market. It has developed a firm fan base that will support them endlessly. You can also get to listen to your favorite music in the podcast.

It is a kind of podcast, that every music lover would love to listen.

About the Makers: Chella Negro is the host of the podcast. Wh e, Leighton Peterson is another host and Daniel SixTwentySix is the producer for Discover Weakly.

Quote from the Podcast

Tom Murphy of the Westword describes the Discover Weakly Podcast as,

“Michelle Caponigro’s backstory reads like something you’d see on Behind the Music. After moving to Denver a decade ago from La Crosse, Wisconsin, Caponigro joined a jam band called Purple Buddha, but found that artistic context a little stifling to her creativity. Adopting the stage name Chella Negro, Caponigro subsequently focused on her own songwriting — a stripped-down, folky affair with just a guitar and her pointed vocals. There sure is no shortage of acoustic singer-songwriters in the world, but Chella Negro (due at the Larimer Lounge on Sunday, February 21) doesn’t sound like she’s trying so hard to be just like one of her heroes. Her voice has a refreshingly unique quality that possesses both soulful resonance and an edge. Recently recruiting Darren Dunn, formerly of LandlordLand, on drums, Chella is augmenting her beautifully spare melancholia with a little kick. ”

Suitable for: We would suggest the Discover Weakly podcast to the listeners who are keenly interested in listening and discussing to any kind of music with loads of laughter.

List of Episodes: As of now, there are just 10 Episodes available of Discover Weakly available on air. Our top 5 picks for best episodes are:

  1. Unlock Your True Potential
  2. Normcore & Permaboners
  3. And You Know What?
  4. Don’t Get Comfortable
  5. Hello It’s Me

What all have to say

There are very positive reviews of Discover Weakly on each platform. People love listening to the discussions. Their content is pretty much informative.

7. Ambient Rushton Podcast

Ambient Rushton Podcast

Genre: Music

What it’s all about

Ambient Rushton is a Podcast about different types of music. In the podcast, you will get to listen to electronic music, natural sound and even to some well known music festivals. It is like a whole encyclopedia for the music lovers and you can find and know about a lot many things from this podcast.

The way Mark Huston present the things before the audience is extremely engaging. Each episode of the podcast is different than the another one. You will get one or two episodes of the podcast per month.

Even you will love listening to it if your mind suits such taste.

About the Makers: Mark Rushton is the host of the podcast. He talks about every kind of music once or twice a month. His main focus is still on nature though.

Quote from the Podcast

The website of the podcast describes the podcasts in such a pleasant manner,

“No talking in this podcast. Just 30 minutes of wind and wind chimes, along with some bird sounds, water drip sounds, road sounds, and, near the end, the University of Iowa Power Plant steam whistle after traveling a few miles in the breeze.”

Suitable for: Ambient Rushton Podcast is a podcast especially for the music lovers who love listening to different types of music. It follows a unique concept such as finding music in little things of nature. If you love such kind of concept, this is the podcast for you.

List of Episodes: There are as many as 121 Episodes of the Ambient Rushton Podcast available on air. From them, the top 5 episodes are:

  1. Walking Around The Iowa City Jazz Festival 2017
  2. Breathe in the Winter Air
  3. 30 Minutes of Wind and Wind Chimes
  4. Drizzle, Birds, and Falling Hickory Nuts
  5. Birds and Roads to Thunder and Rain

What all have to say

People who listen to the Ambient Rushton Podcast love it. Although, finding music in little things of nature doesn’t seem interesting for all types of listeners. However, such kind of genre does gives a peace to your mind. So the people who love it will listen to it endlessly.

8. Dig for Fire

Dig for Fire

Genre: Music

What it’s all about

The podcast, Dig for fire is about music. It is a weekly podcast, with each episode a half hour long. You will get to listen different types of theme related music in the podcast. They pick up a theme and a suitable playlist according to the theme. So it will provide you with a variety of music.

You will also find the discussion in between Micah and Amand in relation to that suitable type of theme. Both of them are from the music field so they are having in depth knowledge of certain topics. In this way, you too will get valuable information about music from the podcast.

It is a podcast for people who love to listen different type of music and reviews about it.

About the Makers: Micah Troublefield is a Cinematographer and host of the podcast. While Amanda Varney is another host. Each week, they pick up a theme as well as playlist similar to that of the theme. They listen to it and nerd about it.

Quote from the Podcast

We can describe the podcast from the following quote,

“Movies and music are things Micah and Amanda hold particularly dear in this world, so in this episode they welcome the lovely Stephanie Ashe and pick some of their favorite songs from films. Dim the lights, make some popcorn, and park on the couch as we talk about some of our favorite soundtrack moments.”

Suitable for: We would suggest the Dig for Fire Podcast to the kind of users who love to listen to different types of music.

List of Episodes: As of now, there are almost 10 Episodes of Dig for Fire Podcasts on air. These episodes are:

  1. Brett Nash – Let’s Get Weird
  2. Daniel Moore – Stuck
  3. Stephanie Ashe – Songs From Movies
  4. Matt Bradshaw – Sugar Coated Sads
  5. Nick Samson – Instrumental
  6. Chris Gervais – Guilty Pleasures
  7. Nick Samson – Love Stinks
  8. Josiah Blevins – Songs to Hide from Your Parents
  9. Hungover
  10. Holiday in Waikiki

What all have to say

People who listen to the Dig for Fire Podcast love it a lot. There are varieties of music you can find in the podcast. However, as it is still new in the market it is not that much popular. But, still it has a strong fan base that is loyal to them.

9. The Clubbing House Music Podcast

The Clubbing House Music Podcast

Genre: Electromix Music

What it’s all about

For the lovers of Electro mix music, The Clubbing House Music Podcast is a best Spotify podcasts. Yannick Burky is a well known singer. He is known for his electro mixes worldwide. He produces, hosts and creates the content for the podcast. His main aim is to make electro mixes popular world wide. And he is trying to accomplish his same goal through the podcast.

Running since a long time, you will get to listen one episode of the podcast in two months. Although, the frequency is less. People who listen to it wait for it eagerly.

You too will become a fan of Yannick once you start listening to it.

About the Makers: Yannick Burky is the host of the podcast. He is a well known Swiss musician who is having a lot of experience in the field of electro mix. This podcast is as a result of his dedication for the specific genre in which he has expertise.

Quote from the Podcast

The well known Singer and Producer Dominic describes host of the podcast Yannick Burky as,

“Yannick is not only a master of music production, but also a visionary. He goes above and beyond for the records he puts out. Its a blessing to work with someone with so much talent and passion.”

Suitable for: For the people who are fond of Electromix music, this is one of its own kind of podcast where you can find your genre. If you too are fond of Electromixes, this is the podcast for you.

List of Episodes: As of now, there are almost 119 Episodes of The Clubbing House Music Podcast available on air. Out of them, the top 5 Episodes are:

  1. Clubbing Boundaries
  2. For the love of house
  3. Where is the Sun?
  4. My House is yours, Robbie Rivera, Red Light Brown, Antoine Clamaran, Corenell, Mister T, Magik Johnson, Boogie Pimps
  5. Voyage dans les limbes électroniques et les pads sauvages

What all have to say

People listening to The Clubbing House Music Podcast love the electro mixes from Yannick. They consider it awesome and they are always ready to listen to them. There are hardly any negative points one can find in the podcast.

10. Playlisters Podcast

Playlisters Podcast

Genre: Music

What it’s all about

The Playlisters Podcast is about guidelines. In the podcast you will find Joshua C Liston the host of the podcast providing you with different guidance tips for starting a band or for making a good career in music.

It is an initiative by and you will surely love the informative content that they feature in their episodes.

If you too are among those people who wish to start a career is music, this is the podcast for you.

About the Makers: is the producer of the podcast. While Joshua C Liston is the host. They give tips to the listeners who wish to make a career in the field of music.

Quote from the Podcast

The website of the Playlisters podcast describes itself as,

“Am I too old to start a band? How do you grow a music career when I’m no spring chicken anymore? Does my music matter if it never makes me a single dollar? PLAYLISTERS podcast attempts to provide insight into these and many more questions that impact the lives and careers of second-act musicians. This is a Fluff Free Zone, so be warned, this isn’t your usual music marketing Guru show.”

Suitable for: We would suggest the podcast to the people who wish to start a band or who want to start a career in music. If you’re one of them, Joshua is always there to guide you.

List of Episodes: Out of the 8 Episodes of the Playlisters Podcast available on air, the top 5 Episodes are:

  1. An introduction to our new music biz show for independent bands and artists.
  2. “We are not the kids we used to be.” – some thoughts after seeing ALEXISONFIRE live at 33 years old
  3. Finding the time for your new music career – plus some quick thoughts on The Cult of Hustle.
  4. “My music biz gift to you for the holidays” – Follow-the-Money and reject prediction posts
  5. “Don’t get too attached to your music marketing results before you have a Body of Work .”

What all have to say

Playlisters podcast is quite informative. People who listen to it find it a lot interesting. They provide their listeners with a valuable information regarding making a career in music.

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